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About EnQuip West, LLC ...

EnQuip West, LLC was founded as a manufacturer’s representative sales agency in 1979. We were incorporated in Northridge, California as the Enquip Engineering Corporation. In the early years, our focus was on providing industrial tanks, mixers and heat exchangers to the engineering-contractor and process industries in California. As the economic climate in California changed, our customer base and marketing focus changed. In 1988, under new ownership and with a new name - EnQuip West – we shifted our marketing emphasis and began offering new services and products to our customers. We realized that as our customers reduce staff size, there exists a need to provide design, engineering, equipment installation and maintenance services to these leaner organizations. In 1993, we began a joint venture with the Westchem Equipment Company of Hayward, California which once again expanded our range and market direction. With the Westchem association we offer additional products and technical expertise to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.


EnQuip West, LLC offers the following products, materials and services:

- Turnkey pilot plant reactor systems
- Vacuum systems using liquid-ring
and ejector technology
- Troubleshooting of vacuum systems
- Maintenance & start-up of glass and
glass-lined systems
- Mixer and tank systems
- Nutsche and cartridge filter packages
- Heat exchanger & condenser modules
- Corrosion-resistant equipment using:
                                        • Borosilicate Glass
                                        • Glass-lined Steel
                                        • Fluoropolymers
                                        • Hastelloy & Tantalum
                                        • Impregnated Graphite
                                        • Silicon Carbon
                                        • Stainless Steel

Specific Products:  

- Mixers – Portable, Top-entry, Side-entry, Ejectors
- Tanks – FRP, SS, Glass & Glass-lined, Polymer-lined
- Heat Exchangers – Graphite, SS, Alloy, Tantalum, SiC
- Teflon-lined Pipe & Fittings
- Filters – Nutsche, Cartridge, Belt, Plate, Sand
- Expansion Joints
- Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps
- Ejectors & Ejector Packages
- Venturi Scrubbers
- Pumps – Plastic, Horizontal & Vertical, Drum, Filling
- Metering Pumps – Diaphragm & Plunger Head
- Gaskets – PTFE Envelope (machined & slit), TMEG
- Kettles w/Single, Double & Triple motion Agitation
- Valves – Glass Ball, Teflon-lined Ball & Check

Equipment Manufacturers Represented and Links:

Active Chemical Systems www.issprocess.com
Budzar Industries, Inc.   www.budzar.com
Chem-Flowtronics www.chem-flowtronics.com
Cleveland and Eastern Mixers   www.emimixers.com
De Dietrich Process Systems, Inc. www.ddpsinc.com
Ethylene Corporation (Sermatech) www.sermatechethylene.com
Flow-Concepts International  
Glas-Col www.glascol.com
Hamilton Kettles  
ProMinent/ORLITA   www.prominent.cc
Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. www.plastanks.com
Rosenmund Guedu  www.rosenmund.com
Schutte & Koerting, LLC www.s-k.com
Serfilco, Ltd. www.serfilco.com
Sermatech International www.sermatech.com 
Universal Titanium www.universalti.com